Board and Committee Members

We extend our sincerest thanks to our volunteers and staff. They play a key role in planning and execution of the Jackson Hole Wine Auction, and without them, this event would not be possible


Wine Auction Advisory Board

Bill Boney
Gavin Fine
Bob Merriman
Drew Nieporent
Nancy Porthan
Nick Ramkowsky
Katrina Ryan
Neil Loomis


Grand Teton Music Festival Staff

Andrew Palmer Todd, Executive Director
Megan Gallagher, Special Events Manager
Anna Dobbins, Development Director
Susan Scarlata, Director of Marketing
Kristen Piontek, Marketing Associate
Haynes Poe, Development Associate
Andy Mahoney, Development Associate
Steve Friedlander, Managing Director of Artistic Operations
Doug Henderson, Artistic Associate
Marty Camino, Artistic Associate
Ani Van Genderen Amdor, Housing Associate
Steffan Larson, Finance Associate

Music Director

Donald Runnicles

Officers & Executive Committee

Margaretha Walk, President

David E. Augé,
Peter A. Benoliel
Lawrence G. Finch
Jim Gersack
Christine Hartley
Dick Jaquith
Barbara McCelvey
Sylvia Neil
Gary Silberberg
Bob Whitmire


Emily Arbegust
Kenneth M. Begelman, M.D.
Mert Bell
John Costello
Julie Faupel
Joan Goldfarb
Patty Jaquith
Ed Liebzeit
John Nyheim
Gil Ordway
Ari Rifkin
Jerry Rose
Martin Schuring
John Whitmore
Gail Williams
Jim Wunsch


Directors Emeritus

Charles C. Baker
Joseph Bennett
Lynne V. Cheney
Sen. Roy M. Goodman
Al Hilde, Jr.
Jayne Hilde
Earl Sams Lightner
Mary Seidler
Sen. Alan K. Simpson
Allan Tessler
William D. Weiss